How Many Vein Treatment Sessions Will I Need?

Getting treatment for spider veins or varicose veins is not necessarily a “one-and-done” thing. Most patients with vein problems will initially need between two and four treatment sessions, and maintenance treatments may be needed over the years to address chronic issues. There are a range of factors that will influence how many treatments you may need, as well as how often treatment will be necessary to maintain healthy veins long term.

Your Treatment Needs

Because everyone is different, only a personal consultation with a vein specialist will be able to tell you how many vein treatments you will need. However, there is a general range most people will fall within. For example, if you need correction of only one spider vein, or if you hope to minimize your spider veins but not eliminate them entirely, you may need just one or two sclerotherapy sessions. On the other hand, if you have many spider veins or a prominent varicose vein, you may need four full treatments and possibly ongoing maintenance sessions.

The type and location of your venous problems will also affect your treatment needs. Spider veins and varicose veins may be treated differently. Treatment of the greater saphenous vein is different from treatment for superficial spider veins on the face.

The cause of your vein problems is the most significant factor. If you have developed a spider vein or varicose vein because of an injury, but otherwise your veins are healthy, you may need only one to four treatment sessions to address the current problem. If, however, you are dealing with chronic spider veins or varicose veins, such as those caused by hereditary factors, pregnancy, obesity, or prolonged standing or sitting, you may need to undergo treatment sessions on a regular or semi-regular basis.

Average Treatment Sessions Per Treatment Type

The type of vein problems you are experiencing will determine which treatment options are available to you. The number of treatments you can expect to receive will vary depending on the type of treatment you undergo.

  • Endovenous Laser Ablation Treatment (ELAS): Endovenous laser ablation often requires at least two treatment sessions.
  • ClosureFast™: ClosureFast™ may sometimes be performed in just one treatment session, but often requires two or more sessions.
  • VenaSeal™: VenaSeal™ may be used to treat multiple veins in a single session.
  • Ambulatory Phlebectomy: Ambulatory phlebectomy may be performed as a single procedure.
  • Sclerotherapy: Sclerotherapy, which is the most common treatment for spider veins and many varicose veins, usually requires two to four treatments.

For those needing multiple treatment sessions, the sessions will need to be spaced apart. This spacing varies per treatment and per person. Symptom improvement and the final results may appear as early as three weeks up to several months after your treatment regimen.

Additional Treatments Over Time

Any of these vein treatments should effectively address the problematic vein, and you should not need additional treatment for it once your initial sessions are over. However, vein problems are often caused by ongoing conditions, and additional spider veins or varicose veins may develop. Whenever possible, the source of the problem should be identified and treated. Many patients will need to plan for additional maintenance treatments every one to five years.

With a skilled vein specialist, most patients can expect successful resolution of venous problems in just a few treatment sessions, with the possibility of maintenance treatments if an ongoing condition is discovered. To find out how many vein treatments you will need for your condition, schedule an appointment with Dr. Sherman at Vein Specialists of Augusta. Call (706) 854-8340 or contact us online to request your appointment today.

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